I’ve just discovered a new site called Uplift which has all manner of fascinating and inspiring articles.

One I’ve just read is this one on empathy http://upliftconnect.com/six-habits-highly-empathic-people/ and I wanted to share it with you.

Its interesting… during some of my coaching training there was a stress on NOT being empathetic, that it was better to remain more distant and that the results could be more powerful for the client. But this has never resonated with me. My work IS empathetic, I guess I just can’t help it!

At a deep level, as humans, we respond deeply to someone who is “just like us” – someone who thinks like us, talks like us, even looks like us. It is how we are wired. And we crave someone who understands what we are going though whether they do so through personal experience or intuition.

Empathy is good. It makes us kinder more understanding human beings and that has to be good.

I’ve also been reading an article on the power of female friendships on our lives, apparently (for example) breast cancer sufferers are more likely to get better (quicker) if they have close female friendships than if they don’t. You can find that article here http://upliftconnect.com/why-women-need-a-tribe/

This was short and sweet but I just wanted to share while it was fresh in my mind!

As always, if YOU would like to talk – perhaps you are feeling lonely, lost or in need of an empathetic ear – do reach out to me. karen@karenkennaby.com

Have a joyful day

with love

Karen xxx


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