Miracle Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are very nutritious and have a lot of protein in them but…that’s not why I’ve called these Miracle Mushrooms! No, there are two other reasons. One is how quick this wonderful dish is to get ready, and that it uses ingredients that you will mostly have in the fridge or kitchen cupboard. The other is that it uses shirataki noodles – brand name Miracle Noodles – which aren’t pasta at all but are made from yam – they are virtually carb free and you can use them instead of pasta in all sorts of dishes. This is a really healthy, delicious and extrememely quick dish – all my criteria!

For 2 good portions you will need:

15g/ ½ oz butter

25g/1 oz dried mixed mushrooms – porcini, oyster, shitake (or just one type)

250ml/8 fl oz warm water

200g/7oz fresh chestnut (or other brown) mushrooms, sliced

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1 clove garlic, smashed & chopped

125ml/4 fl oz marsala (or Madeira or sherry)

I pack of Miracle Noodles

60ml/2 fl oz double (heavy) cream

Salt & pepper


Put the dried mushrooms in a bowl and cover with the warm water

Sauté the onion in the butter until golden

Add the garlic and sauté for a few seconds

Add the fresh mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes until starting to soften & colour

Add the dried mushrooms, keep the soaking water

Add the marsala and bubble for a minute or so then add the soaking water

Season with salt & pepper

Add the cream and bubble on low

Rinse the Miracle Noodles in cold water

Boil a pan of salted water and blanch the noodles for a minute

Drain the noodles and add them to the mushrooms

Mix well and serve

Ready in less than 10 minutes, very healthy and really delicious!

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Karen Kennaby studied catering professionally a long time ago! She went on to be deputy manager of a prestigious and busy 4* hotel by the age of 21, she subsequently formed a highly successful conference and event management company that was in her hands for 21 years. She is a passionate and innovative cook specialising in low carb food, entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter and grandmother. She loves life in general and anything to do with food in particular! She has a relaxed informative style which comes across well in person and in the media. She has been featured in various publications over the years including Grazia. She is Founder of http://www.AroundTheTableWithKaren.com