Eiffel Tower FDPParis… The City of Light and home of some of the best shops, cafes and restaurants in the world! It’s a wonderful place to visit for the Red Carpet Body lifestyle!

Whilst I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago and enjoying my time in the Hotel Costes and along the rue Saint-Honore, I also discovered a number of places which are real treats that I thought I’d share with you.  Lingerie, food, clothes & shoes, oils & vinegars, lunch and perfume!



Chantal Thomass creates fabulous lingerie which is for sale at her boutique at 211 rue Saint-Honore and on this site. I think this design is lovely…elegant and classy but with a sense of fun!






collection2014_8Only in June you can find pop up store By Marie at the Galeries Lafayette in addition to their permanent boutiques. Clothes and shoes. There are several designers but Marie’s own designs in her current collection are fun, classy and slightly bohemienne chic…I think this top is really pretty (and it’s in my “spring” colours!)

Here is her site



Food had to come in soon, didn’t it!!!

There are SO many wonderful specialist food shops in Paris and I think next time I go I’ll spend the whole day exploring some of them! But in the meantime here are some that are definitely on my list

gRAND cLASSIQUE_1347701753

Epices Roellinger – a treasure trove of spices and each with such interesting stories. Olivier Roellinger is originally from Corsica and his favourite spice is cinnamon, I love some of his interesting combinations such as his Poudre Grand Caravans with cardamom, fenugreek, cinnamon, ñora (Spanish paprika chili pepper), sesame, spices – great with lamb, red mullet, mackerel or vegetables.

They have various stores including one in the heart of Paris at 51 rue Sainte Anne

For a real track record in producing quality oil and vinegar Huilerie Leblanc et Fils has been doing so since 1878! It’s white wine vinegar with tarragon works beautifully in salads and they have an amazing range of nut oils for sale at the tiny Left Bank store at 12 rue Jacob


Lunch! There are so many great places but one I’m going to next time in Paris is Denize… Their ingredients are all from local stores which I really like. It’s at 10 rue Marie-Stuart



I also suggest and want to get to Blue Valentine which gets rave reviews for it’s beautifully presented Japanese inspired dishes at 13 rue de la blue valentine saladPierre-Levee

Incidentally, if you are interested in my Breakthrough to Personal Transformation Programme we can start off with a day in Paris and have lunch at Hotel Costes or Blue Valentine or another wonderful restaurant as part of it. 


Finally, at the stunning customised perfumier Ex Nihilo – almost neighbours with Hotel Costes at 352 rue Saint-Honore lets you choose one of eight pre-existing fragrances which is then adapted to your desires and blended on the spot, before being put in a customizable bottle with your name on it

ex nihilo


Well, that’s just a few ideas…there are so many to chose from! The Red Carpet Body lifestyle is about loving yourself and loving your life, life is for living and it is a waste if you are not enjoying it because you don’t like how you look and/or feel. Get in touch if you would like some more and if you would like to have a chat about my programme Breakthrough to Personal Transformation then email me and we’ll set up a Discovery Session.