Salvatore ManziFeng Shui for Optimal Health!

By Salvatore Manzi

Note from Karen: I met Salvatore when I was living in San Francisco and to this day I still use his amazing Feng Shui Life Mapping model for my vision boards – with great success! So, I wanted to share some of his insights with you, and he’s also kindly giving you a significant discount on his audio programme as you will see below. Now, over to you Salvatore!

Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with our environment: our home, our room, our office, our car, everywhere that we are and move about in life. With the intention of living a healthy life, we start by creating a healthy environment that reinforces our intention and propels us in positive, health-inducing ways.

An environment supports healthy living with the basic elements of natural light, clean air, and a sense of order. From here, we use Feng Shui to focus and reinforce our intentions, staring in the kitchen, and wind up using it even while eating out!

Kitchen Feng Shui

Our kitchen mirrors our health and either enhances or blocks the flow of energy in our physical form.

This mirror is most obvious when I say that I’m going to eat healthy but keep my kitchen full of junk food. To hold my intention, my space needs to reflect it, enhance it.

Want to lose weight? Remove clutter!

Clutter is a physical sign of excess energy being carried along in one’s life.

Anything that is broken or unused in your kitchen is a sign of slower energy around your health. These items clog the flow in your kitchen, and weigh down your food and digestive system.

Liberate the flow to good health and even enhance it by releasing these items and creating space, on your counters, and in your drawers and cabinets.

Once such energy drains are gone, place an object or image that reflects your health intention. Perhaps this is a picture of someone who’s health you admire on the fridge, a healthy plant in the corner to celebrate vibrancy, or a bowl full of healthy fruit on the counter.

Cooking with Heart

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Like Water for Chocolate was the one in which she prepares the meal while completely depressed and when the guests come to eat, they all begin inexplicably crying! It demonstrates Feng Shui food preparation at its most elemental!

Everything you do around the process of your food preparation and dining gets absorbed right into the food and then into your body. This is why we strive to create a kitchen that is clean, bright, calm and happy!

Sometimes, just playing some favorite music or taking a moment to dance in between washing and chopping can add an extra health zip to your meal and to your body!

Bring out the best! You deserve to eat on your best dishes! Fine China carries good energy, the investment you made in the dish-ware conveys to the food and into your digestive tract.

Where you eat maters as well. If you’re accustomed to eating in front of the TV, try out your dining room table. And one tip for romance: sit next to your partner during the meal instead of across from each other. Your energies can mingle more and so can you!

The Health Quadrant

Feng Shui uses an energy map that depicts what part of a space represents what part of your life, called a Bagua. The Feng Shui bagua designates the center part of your space as the life area related to your “health.”

Ideally, the center part of your space is open and clear, allowing the energy to move freely and easily in and around. The area can be enhanced with the colors yellow and orange and physical elements of earth such as pots/vases and tile.

Whenever you are setting intentions around health, utilize the center of your space as the area to reflect these intentions – perhaps a yoga mat in the middle of the room?

Feng Shui for Optimal Health

  • Natural Light: Whenever possible, allow natural light to shine in. The sun brings healthy chi! When natural light is not available, dedicate a lamp with a full-spectrum light bulb. bonus: set it on a timer to the natural daylight hours.
  • Clean Air: Unless you live in a forest, use an air purifier in any space you spend much time. These are relatively affordable now, and remove not only toxins, but also dust and other particles that pollute our air.
  • Sense of Order: External harmony and order reflect internal harmony and order. External clutter and chaos reflect internal clutter and chaos. Volumes have been written on the benefits of reducing clutter in our lives, and as if we need one more reason, consider that every little area of clutter that you eliminate will lead to an ease in losing weight!

Feng Shui Dining Out

A last note on Feng Shui and food is to consider how the atmosphere of the restaurant you are dining in is going to affect your health and energy.

There’s a reason restaurants lower the lights during the dinner hour!  Bright, open, loud places are great for increasing your energy such as at lunch or before a night on the town. Softly lit, cozy, quiet places provide the perfect setting to wind down and prepare yourself for drifting off to blissful sleep.

Confuse the two and you may well fall asleep at work or stay up all night!

Wishing you all the best in food and health!


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