womanjumping (1)7 Top Tips For How You Can Transform Your Eating And Your Body, Fast. Get Healthy! We’re into summer but it’s not too late…

Getting rid of those extra pounds can be a struggle but there are easy ways to get back on track to the figure you love and I’d like to share some tips with you that always work for me and I know will work for you too.

1) Be Kind to Yourself! Don’t beat yourself up about those extra pounds – start loving yourself as you are. Look in the mirror, smile at yourself and tell yourself – out loud – what you love about you. Is it those lovely eyes, your beautiful smile, your pretty hands, your tiny waist? Whatever it is just stand there and say to yourself “I love my lovely eyes” – or whatever it is, and come up with as many as you can. As women, all too often we look in the mirror and point out to ourselves all the things we DON’T  like…not very encouraging and we wouldn’t do it to someone we love…!

2) See What You Want To See Will Lead To Be What You Want To Be. That sounds a bit Zen like but its actually very simple and a twist on Ghandi’s famous quote “Be the change you want to be”. Think back to a time when you looked exactly how you want to look now – your ideal (adult!) you. Close your eyes and really get into the feeling of being that person again – what do you see when you look out from those eyes? How do you feel? Can you hear, smell or taste anything? Really get into the experience – be it, be there. When you open your eyes write it all down every little detail – how you look, what you saw, how you felt – or create a picture of that you – a kind of vision board. Getting creative reinforces the feelings and this whole exercise reminds your conscious and subconscious that it is perfectly possible for you to be your ideal YOU.

3) Exercise. It is vital to get some exercise every day – or at least most days – to tone and trim your body and actually it also stimulates your mind and creativity which is a useful bi-product! What type of exercise? Well, some kind of resistance work is definitely best and I’m also a big fan of pilates, not so much cardio when we are talking toning – but the reality is (as one of my teachers said when asked what kind of exercise is best) the best kind of exercise is the one you will do…consistently – so maybe its brisk walking, or pilates, or maybe dance like this great tip from my friend Cindy – it can be at home or out, it doesn’t matter, you just need to do it.

4) Starting the Day. What you do at the start of the day can create the pattern for the whole day. Stick to your plan from the moment you wake, have a big mug of hot water with fresh lemon and root ginger or a detox tea, have some quiet time – do a meditation, yoga or journal, picture your day as perfect…and then we’re off!

5) Eating Plan. I totally believe that eating should be enjoyable! This might sound funny but I know a lot of people for whom eating is just a necessity – I think that’s a shame. My Joyful Eating Plan is based on low-carb principles which quickly get rid of that stubborn excess weight, leave you feeling full of energy and taste great! Delicous, Beautiful and Healthy are the key words and for us busy ladies, most of the time it needs to be quick.

6) Eat Low Carb. Eating low-carb or at least lower carb is important for health and weight…and its easy! Cutting out a few key ingredients will make that excess weight drop off your body quicker than water off a duck’s back!!! – well, not quicker but you know what I mean! So, what to cut out? This is not an exhaustive list but it makes it quick and if you cut these out and retain a balanced diet you will loose those pounds (there are plenty of nutrients including healthy carbs in the other foods you’ll eat, particularly green veg and fruit).Cut out:

Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, Bread, Cakes, Biscuits/Cookies, Soft Drinks/Sodas, Sweets/Candies (but you can have chocolate! over 70%), pre-made Meals & Sauces – and I promise you’ll see and feel a difference really quickly. There are a lot of things you can eat “instead” and I’ll cover those in another blog. (In the meantime for some immediate ideas direct to your inbox just fill in your name and email address above).

7) Language. How you talk to yourself is so important. We all have that little voice in our head – not so little some of the time – that has a go at us. Keep your thoughts and your self-talk positive…”wow I look great” “yay I’m loosing weight every hour” one of my favourites when I’m walking “every step tones my bum, every step tones my bum!” – on the beat of the step. Catch yourself doing well and praise yourself – you say “no thanks” to a piece of cake – nice one! You have a mug of herb tea instead of a coke – great! One great way to stop the negative self talk is to wear a rubber/elastic band around your wrist – if you say “oh this is hopeless” or “I’ll never lose this weight” or anything like that – PING the elastic band – OUCH it hurts and it will start to remind that little voice NOT to go there!!!

Well, that’s it for now folks as the Rabbit says! This will do the trick – I hope you find these tips useful – if you do please leave me a comment below! And if there’s something else you’d like me to cover let me know that too.

with love