??????????Ah, another great week! My son and family were with us for a long weekend which was fabulous and really allowed “playful me” to come out to the fore especially with my gorgeous 4 year old grand daughter!

This picture represents so much more than a happy family holiday pic – to me it represents joy, authenticity and energy! And that authenticity is something that spending time here in France has really helped me to embrace at an even deeper level.

As you know, I’m part way through sharing my series of videos “Karen’s Secret Ingredient – How to Double Your Body Confidence and Have the Body You Desire and The Life You Love” – if you missed out on these just pop your name and email in the box on the home page – but…in the spirit of authenticity I have to also share that these 3 videos really just scratch the surface both in terms of you “meeting” the real me and also in terms of moving things forward for you.
So, I’d like to offer 2 things –
First, to share another series I did last year called “Finally Losing It” (just ignore the mention of the webinar at the end as that is obviously out of date),
Here are the links:
1) http://youtu.be/wqM46B7tqhk – Finally Lose That Excess Weight & Keep It Off
2) http://youtu.be/zleLW6rvfy8 – Finally Lose The Sugar & Carb Cravings
3) http://youtu.be/mm6SmoGLPOg – Finally Finding the Right Eating Pattern For You
Second, to offer you a complimentary discovery call with me to help you action some of the key tools from  “Karen’s Secret Ingredient – How to Double Your Body Confidence and Have the Body You Desire and The Life You Love”  – just email me karen@karenkennaby.com 
2012-08-17 01.04.22What I wish for you is what I have myself … joy, being happy regardless of what is going on around (as Marci Shimoff calls it “Happy For No Reason”), a body and a life I love.

I’d like to round up this week with a quote from Carl Jung – Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. And sometimes it is much easier, in my experience, to look inside with someone else so a thank you to those who have helped me and an invitation to those who would like help – you know which you are…(perhaps you are both?).