fat lady slim ladyFlobby? Flabby? Does It Matter? (the weight loss issue)

So, your arms are a bit chunky, your tum is a bit flobby, your bum “looks big in this” most of the time.

Does it matter?

I’m going to turn that right round.

First of all, the answer is yes…and no.

It matters IF it matters to you, and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter to you.

As Adele said “I think no matter what you look like the key first of all is to be happy with yourself. Then you know if you want to try to improve things that you don’t like about yourself, then do it after you appreciate yourself.”

Why would it matter? The first, probably most important, reason is if it is affecting your health – either now or building up future problems. Secondly if it is affecting your confidence and Thirdly if you are using extra weight to hide…from life…

Martha Beck talks of “home” being a state of peace, and when we are at peace with ourselves that is when we are in flow and “good things” happen in our life – we experience more joy, we meet the right people, synchronicities happen. Incidentally it is only in this state that we can create our vision too.

We can’t fake this, we either are or aren’t in this state.

The reason I mention this is because I see a lot of people using bravado as a tool to try and cover the fact that they are unhappy with their body.

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work because it isn’t authentic.

We cannot be at peace, be ourselves, be our best, if we are not authentic.

This is how “authentic beauty” comes about. It doesn’t matter if we are big or small, tall or short, fat or thin…what matters is whether we feel good about our body and ourself.

In the Bible it says, (slightly abridged) “seek thee first the kingdom of heaven… and all things will be given unto you” That’s what this is about, regardless of religious connotations.

If you get into that state of peace, of heaven, of home – then (and only then) can you have what you want…lasting sustainable change, if that is what you want.

If you would like to discuss this, if it resonates with you, let’s talk. email me karen@karenkennaby.com

Till then, or till next time

with love

Karen xx


with thanks to freedigitalphotos.net for the image