Back to schoolNew School Year, New Beginning

Well, I have to say I feel I’ve really made the most of the summer that’s just finished! I’ve been around (!) – after France it was the Cotswolds, then Greece, then catching up with friends and family…it’s been wonderful.

And now, it’s over and that feels just right too! Although my son is long grown up and my grand daughter starting school (how did that happen so quickly?!) doesn’t have a direct impact on my life somehow the new school year starting felt like a new year beginning for me too. September 1st being a Monday was such a natural start date to really get cracking – to get on with everything I want to be doing in this next phase: to review, revise, renew and ramp up!

I don’t seem to be the only one experiencing this – I’ve seen lots of people on Facebook comment that they feel the same and when I text my private clients many responded that it felt like a new beginning for them too.

So, if this is something you are experiencing too (or even if not!) what can you do to get ready for this next phase…for autumn/fall…in the very best way possible? Here are some tips to help make the most of it:

  • As ever, being clear on what it is you want to achieve is critical. Maybe you need to journal or meditate to be clear on what that is – I know I did. Is it time for a rethink?
  • Planning, Planning, Planning. Especially if you DO have children or grand children to juggle too. The return to school is always something of a mixed blessing – the guilt rearing up if you feel you haven’t done enough over the holidays/vacation, the relief at having some routine back…all sorts of emotions can rear their heads with the start of the new school year. Plan for meals, plan for “you” time, cluster appointments and types of work together for effectiveness, plan as much as you can – and leave space in your plans for Life to step in and make it’s own plans – which might be even better than yours!
  • Be aware of your body clock. Most of us have to get up and/or go to bed at a time which isn’t necessarily in our natural rhythm. But being aware of that we can be kind to ourself and if possible plan the majority of the day to suit our high and low energy phases – when is the best time to write, answer correspondence, have meetings, make phone calls, do basic admin…certainly if the business is our own.
  • Eat real food not processed so you have more energy to cope with everything, it doesn’t have to take long – for example stir fries are a great quick, healthy, meal.
  • Make enough of your evening meals to have it the next day and/or with salad for lunch so you don’t have to cook every day.
  • Get children involved in cooking meals, preparing packed lunches, whatever is appropriate for their age – don’t be a martyr!
  • Breathe! So often we can get into charging around and tell ourselves we don’t have enough time to fit everything in but…we do, always IF we allow ourself to. Stop & breathe and we see things more clearly.
  • Finally, if you need help – ask. There is always someone who has been there, done that, CAN see the wood for the trees… and if you need help around body confidence, body image, sustainable weight loss then ask me…