MondayHello and happy Monday!

One of the things I hear and see time and time again is “I’m going to start a new diet on Monday”

I get it, the weekend is coming up all your resolve has gone to pot and so you think you’ll start on Monday. Or tomorrow, or on the first of the month, that’s another popular one – especially 1st January of course!

But DON’T. Please please don’t.

Why? Well, what you are doing is making “the diet” different from “normal life” – you are viewing it as something you will do for a while and then revert to “normal”. But that isn’t the way to get lasting, sustainable, change.

If you really want to change your body – your size, weight, confidence – then it requires a completely different approach. You need to be thinking ┬áin terms of a lifestyle change not a diet for a start.

So what is a better way to approach this?

First get very clear about WHY you want to make changes? And this isn’t as simple as it might sound. So whilst your initial reaction might be “well, d’uh…I want to lose weight xyz lbs” that isn’t it. WHY do you want to lose that weight? Is it for your health? is it for a particular event? is it because you are embarrassed at your current size? is it because your energy level is low? Whatever it is – at its core – it will be because you want to FEEL BETTER.

Spend some time writing down what feeling better really means to you – what it looks like, feels like, what your life would be like, how it would affect your relationships and your work – get as much detail as possible.

OK, then you are much more motivated to make some serious change.

Now pull out the details – the weight, size, appearance, energy, feelings….and write them down in the PRESENT TENSE ie as if they are your reality now eg I love being a size 12 it gives me so much more choice of clothes and I can wear everything in my wardrobe, I love looking at myself in the mirror now and I can’t believe my energy – I’m virtually running up and down the stairs these days! I feel really good about myself, I’ve not felt like this in years – I feel in love with myself and with life…it’s great.

And then, only then, start making some changes about how you eat. You will know deep down what you need to do… It might be that you need to reduce your portions, or stop eating sweets, or cut down on alcohol consumption, or get into an exercise routine that you enjoy, or cut out processed foods. Whatever it is take action straight away at this point. No waiting till Monday or the first of the month, just start now.

Waiting till Monday is an excuse you can’t afford. Waiting till Monday is holding you back from having the body you want. Waiting till Monday is stopping you from feeling better and from being in control.

This is your life – your only one (in this form at any rate)… make the most of it! Be in control of your health, your energy, your joy – don’t wait for that, have it now!

And I’m so passionate about this that if you want a little help getting started just send me an email and I’ll talk it through with you to help you (

As ever, with love

Karen xx