bad day calendar fdpThis Year Changed Everything. Now when you read that did you read THIS year as in now?

I wonder if you did but in fact the year I’m talking about is 2004. I experienced more life change that year than probably any other.

In 2004 I was suffering badly with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and I was significantly over my natural weight for my height, I felt uncomfortable, miserable and things weren’t going well in many areas (relationships, business…) as a result.

But in 2004 I found the answer. To all of it! I researched to find how to eat to get rid of the IBS and the weight…it worked. I went on a 2 week seminar/workshop in Capri where with all the tools I learned I felt completely reborn (no, not in a religious way) regaining that wonder in life that we lose along the way, feeling joyful, unencumbered by challenges, clear and in touch with who I really am.

Now the best part of all this is that it wasn’t a flash in the pan. I’ve kept “topped up” with learning – more seminars with the same teacher over the years some one day and a couple of 10 days, but that feeling of life satisfaction remains and… I’ve continued to eat in the way I discovered and have also kept away the IBS and the weight.

Please don’t read this and think “well, bully for you” – the reason for sharing is that it is possible for all of us to be our natural weight, to feel comfortable and good in our own skins, to have a calm and joy that makes us able to view the inevitable challenges differently.

So what were some of the things I learnt in 2004? How did my life change? Obviously I can’t share everything from a 2 week seminar, many weeks research, a lot of testing and experimenting in one article but…

  • don’t combine proteins and starchy carbs in the same meal (this made a massive difference to the IBS)
  • do alternate primarily protein and primarily carb days and work out which days your body is more comfortable – the primarily protein day or the primarily carb based day
  • don’t weigh yourself everyday – and focus on the weight you want to be not the weight you are
  • be consistent
  • be in the moment – using tools such as meditation/relaxation/yoga/tai chi/morning pages …
  • have a vision but don’t be attached to how that will materialise in your life (ooo, a biggy… which still sometimes catches me out!)
  • continue to learn and develop and grow (like plants we either grow or wither)
  • get help… it is SO much easier to have someone helping you, guiding you, especially when you have those doubting moments
  • be grateful, for the little things and the big things, gratitude is a very powerful energy
  • keep good company – don’t let the naysayers keep you back
  • remember the path will not always be smooth and don’t get despondent – there is a lovely graphic I’ve seen illustrating this with what we expect being a nice straight line and the reality looking like a ball of wool unravelling!

If you are at a stage where you know you need to make some changes lets talk… email me and lets set up a time to talk about your situation and how you can start to make some life change s yourself,

till then, with love

Karen xx

thanks to as ever for the image