large journalIs Your Notebook Big Enough? I’m not talking about small laptop computer type “notebooks” but real paper notebooks

So, what is the question about?

Do you have a notebook that you use for notes, journalling, capturing ideas and dreams and more? Perhaps you do Morning Pages that beloved and effective tool created by Julia Cameron in her seminal book The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self

If so, are you using a BIG notebook? Whilst it is handy to keep a small notebook with us (or some of us still do in this technologically driven age) for quick notes and ideas, when we are writing – coming up with ideas, stories, dreams, visions and so forth – then we need something that allows for expansion. 

In one interview I heard Julia Cameron say that the reason to have a large notebook is so that you don’t restrict your self, your ideas and I like that. (my favourite quote when I interviewed her was her referring to Morning Pages as a vacuum cleaner for the mind!)

When I am in planning and creativity mode -as I have been today – I use a big pad of art paper – A3 – so I can go all over the paper with ideas, thoughts, inspirations, jotings… and I don’t feel restricted at all. When I’m working on creating a new vision board I do the same. With ideas for a new venture…anything that needs me to think big, think outside the box, be creative. 

And with my Morning Pages (which I do personally and recommend to all my clients) I also use a big notebook, when I’ve tried using smaller ones in the past it just didn’t flow as much. I like a beautiful book too, I find that more inspiring and it encourages me to write.

So, “go large” as those dreadful fast food outlets say…but go large in a good way – with your life and your dreams!

Leave me your thoughts and comments…do you journal, use big pad paper for planning and dreaming…what do you do?