denise-duffield-thomasOne of the things that can prove most elusive even for those who have done years of personal development is…money. This almost always boils down to a few key things and my guest on The Karen Kennaby Show today knows just how to get to the heart of it and crack it! 

Listen in as she shares some of the learnings from her Get Rich Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, learnings which have her clients making real money often for the first time. Including her Top 3 Tips.

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She is also generous with her freebies so you can pick one or more here (you could even sign up for the whole lot lol – is that abundant or greedy??!!) 

Having more money gives you choices… as Denise says you can be rich AND happy, rich AND humble, rich AND nice…rich AND anything you like. And you can choose to make a greater difference in the world. So I do hope you will listen to the show and check out her giveaways