lonely woman gazing out fdpWhenever I’m talking with someone who has become dissatisfied with life – unhappy, lonely, disconnected – often (I’d almost say invariably) there is one key thing missing.

And that is meaning. Some kind of meaning to the day, a reason to get up and get on, and this is very different, often, to the “got to dos” Not that we realise that when we are in this state.

The question “what’s it all about?” , and not in some deep philosophical way, keeps coming to mind. Where did the joy go, the love, the satisfaction? What’s the point?

The challenge though is that when we are in that place of feeling really quite desperate we cannot, as they say, “see the wood for the trees” and we are certainly not in a position to find inspiration or answers.

We tend to go into ourselves more, perhaps being the classic case of the tears of a clown…upbeat in public but desperately sad when on our own, or staying in and maybe compensating by eating or drinking more, watching more TV or just letting time drift by.

The good news is – you can change this. The “bad” thing, if there is one, is that it will require some commitment. This is not something easily done on your own when you are in this state but with some loving support, exercises and a guiding hand you would be surprised how quickly this horrible feeling can be transformed into one of joy and fulfilment.

If you would like to find out more then book a Discovery Session with me. We’ll sit down over a cup of coffee (ideally face to face but if we are too far apart then over Skype) and talk about you, how you feel and how I can help.

email me: karen@karenkennaby.com and let’s have a chat and see how we can bring about that transformation in your life.

And if, as is often the case, you know someone you think could do with a chat with me please feel free to pass on my details.

with love

Karen xx

Karen Kennaby offers exclusive Confidante services to Expat Women and has a knack for creating life change quickly…