heart with key fdpWhenever I get a testimonial it makes my heart sing (and so it sings often lol!) – most of us are the same, we love to hear from others that what we are doing is meaningful and worthwhile, that it brings joy and results. 

This testimonial was from a lady who came to my Taster Day this week:

Dear Karen,

Words can’t express how grateful I feel.

I have been coaching for 13 years, so I had the honor to meet some great life coaches and therapists in my life. But you are absolutely unique, pure magic. In 45 minutes you managed to give me all the answers I needed. I want to thank you so much for the help and advice you have shared with me with such an open heart. I am now experiencing not only a new freedom, but more bliss in my life. It was just really great to have some validation!

Evry Iliaki, BA, MA, PGCE, Diploma in Life Coaching

But the purpose of sharing this is not to say “hey look at me”….no, absolutely not. 

No, the purpose is to ask you a question. Are YOU living a life full of bliss? Are YOU living a life that brings fulfilment and joy? Are you living life with an open heart?

And if the answer is no, then what is your reality?

The difference between having an open heart or a closed one is night and day, black and white. 

So what are the keys to opening your heart to that bliss, fulfilment, joy… ?

Well the good thing is there are simple steps to take that will help unlock your heart and I’ll share some of them with you here:

1) live in a state of gratitude – instead of focussing on what you DON’T have focus on what you DO have. Once you start getting into the routine of doing this you will see how much is going right. Go to bed focussing on all the things you are grateful for, its a great way to get a good night’s sleep too

2) focus on something or someone outside of yourself, really focus on their well being. When you do this you cannot dwell in that place of “poor me” – it also starts to give your life some meaning and purpose. This is very different from feeling worn down and resentful about the things you “have” to do, it is about making a conscious choice to really focus on someone or something else’s well being. For many this can take the form of volunteering and a myriad options are available on this front. (ask me if you need some ideas)

3) take full responsibility for the situations in your life right now – ditch the blame. Blame keeps you as a victim, when you accept that you had a part to play in the situation you find yourself in you start to regain some control and from that point you can make changes. 

These all take practice but with time, if you stick with it, they will make an enormous difference because YOU are unique and YOU are pure magic – let the world see that xx

If you would like a Discovery Session with me in person or via Skype so that we can get to the heart of what is holding you back, keeping your heart closed and aching with sadness, and help you create a perfect plan for you then email me – karen@karenkennaby.com and we will schedule a mutually convenient time with the subject header “open heart”

with love

Karen xx