receiving house fdpSo we all know we want to manifest our dreams, right? I’d love to share my G.R.E.A.T. way to Manifest with you.

But what does Manifest actually mean?

pronounced – ˈmanəˌfest
clear or obvious to the eye or mind.
“the system’s manifest failings” (note THE SYSTEM manifest the failings)
synonyms: obvious, clear, plain, apparent, evident, patent, palpable, distinct, definite, blatant, overt, glaring, barefaced, explicit, transparent, conspicuous, undisguised, unmistakable, noticeable, perceptible, visible, recognizable
“his manifest lack of interest”

display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.
“Ray manifested signs of severe depression” (note RAY manifested it…NOT  someone else)
synonyms: display, show, exhibit, demonstrate, betray, present, reveal; formalevince
“she manifested signs of depression” (SHE manifested…)

Those dictionary definitions are interesting because they demonstrated that WE ourselves manifest whatever it is – NOT other people, circumstances etc etc. And what is really interesting is that whatever we do. think about, focus on we are going to manifest something, its just that it may not be what we want.

Everything we think about, say, do, focus on…all of it manifests a particular result in our lives. So whatever field in our life is not as we would wish it to be – weight, money, relationship, business, travel… whatever… we manifest that. But the exciting thing is when we own that and take control of the manifesting process, when we start to turn “weak wishes” and “pie crust promises” (I love that phrase!) into something more focussed is when it becomes “clear or obvious to the eye or mind”.

Does this mean we have to be Ms Positivity ALL the time? No. But does it mean we need to focus on the good things in life and what we want (not what we don’t) more often than not? – hell yeah!

I’ve created as easy way to get into manifesting what you really want, not allowing what you don’t into your life, called G.R.EA.T. This is a little synopsis of it.


G is for Gratitude and Get Help. I firmly believe that being grateful for what you have already is a fundamental step to receiving either more of that or other things you want in your life. Be grateful for everything, as often as you can. Big things, little things. Say thank you – to people, to the Universe, to yourself… Its also for Get Help. There is plenty of help online and offline so don’t struggle, reach out. One great resource was a guest on my radio show Denise Duffield-Thomas aka Lucky Bitch and she does a great FREE manifesting course you might like, you can get it here

R is for Ready, Remove, Receive. We all have things blocking us from receiving what we want and it requires some work to get clear of them. First you have to be aware of what they are. There are lots of ways to do this and you can chose which resonates with you – watching Youtube videos eg Abraham Hicks, journalling – especially in free flow writing such as Morning Pages, meditating, yoga, walking in nature, listening to music you love, physical exercise, cooking….anything that COMPLETELY absorbs you so you aren’t thinking about anything else. And that is when the “a-ha”s come so write them down! Once the blocks are up to the surface you can then work on removing them. And then you can be ready to Receive what you really want.

E is for Edit. Lots of people take “stock” ideas for what they want just as they take “stock” images – the classic used to be the red Ferrari! But that isn’t  (necessarily) YOUR life. Get clear about what you really want. Be very specific. Refine it. Edit it. Update it. Crystallise it. Make it yours, own it.

A is for Action Activates. Get into the energy of what it is you want to manifest. What does it look like, feel like, sound like, even taste and smell like. If you want 3 more ideal clients this month what does that do to your life? what does it look like in your schedule? imagine the clients – BE there with them, doing whatever you do. If it’s a place you want to go to get pictures, watch videos, research it, check the flights, source accommodation…make it real. And this is key. Remember the definition of Manifest was “clear or obvious to the eye or mind”? well when we take the Action steps it starts to manifest and become real in our lives, it Activates it. Have reminders everywhere too.

T is for Trust (and Trial and Error). Sometimes things don’t manifest exactly as we expected. That can be a good thing because sometimes the Universe gives us something even better than we’d imagined! And if we keep getting things that are out of line with what we want then we need to go back to G,R, E and A. But the key is to Trust that everything is working out perfectly.

And then we can go back to G for Gratitude and keep the whole beautiful process going over and over…manifesting more and more of what we want in our lives.

To your joyful manifesting! (and mine!)


Karen xx

image courtesy, thank you x

incidentally, the link for Denise’s free course is an affiliate link so if you go on to do some work with her then I will get a thank you payment…enough for a nice coffee I guess! just so you know. But I’m only recommending her because I think her stuff is great and I’ve used it myself x