hello! It’s “that” time of year again – one year drawing to a close and another about to begin. With it, inevitably, come the reflections and the resolutions. So, what are the do’s, don’ts and questions I’m talking about?

3 Do’s

  • reflect on 2016 – being kind to yourself not beating yourself up for anything not achieved; what are you happiest about?
  • consider 2017 – be kind to yourself (yes there is a theme here!) and reflect how you want life to be not what you want to do or have
  • express your gratitude – to Life/The Universe/God, to family, friends, social media contacts, clients, colleagues, everyone

3 Don’tsĀ 

  • harp on about what an awful year 2016 has been (I’m seeing this a lot, law of attraction will bring more of the same with this approach)
  • build so many “to dos” into your New Year Resolution list that you don’t have time to “just” be
  • put the same things on your NY Resolution list that you had last year! (and the year before that, and that….) eg more money, less weight…

3 Questions

  • why will 2017 be any different to 2016?
  • for each item on your New Year Resolution list ask –
    • why it is it on the list?
    • why it is important?
    • why it matters NOW?
  • how will you play bigger in 2017 and have more of an impact? what resources do you need internally and externally to do so?

If you would like to set up time for a Reflection and Resolution Session at this key time then email me karen@karenkennaby.com and we can set that up.

For now, with love as always

Karen xx