The Red Carpet Body Lady

About Karen Kennaby

Karen has become known as the Red Carpet Body lady! She specialises in helping successful women get (back) in touch with the foods and way of eating that work for them and their lifestyle. but more than that she helps them change their view of themselves, their body image – helps them to stop hiding in the shadows and start standing in the spotlight of their own life.
Whether the driver is weight loss, health, lack of energy or just wanting to understand what “healthy eating” means for you as an individual Karen gets to the heart of it and helps you make the necessary changes – to attitude & mindset as well as the foods that work for you. Working holistically Karen helps her clients achieve wonderful, sustainable, rewarding change.
Karen Kennaby
I love food! In fact I’ve loved food for as long as I can remember. I went to college when I left school to study hotel & catering management and about 70% of our time was focussed on food prep & cooking – learning some of the classics they mention on Masterchef!
I hadn’t cooked professionally for years because I went into hotel management and then set up a conference agency but I’ve retained that love of food – of experimenting, of presenting beautiful food lovingly prepared.
These days my focus is very much on delicious, beautiful and healthy food. For nearly 10 years I’ve chosen a real food, moderately low carb diet and maintained my weight all that time – plus no tummy aches, no bloating etc – I love that too! 
So, I decided to start sharing that and hence Around the Table with Karen. Its about food…and life, because I believe the two are inexorably linked – Joyful Eating, Joyful Living! When you discover the foods and way of eating that work for you you can relax – no more confusion and no more angst – and this spills into all areas of your life.

And why Around the Table with Karen? I believe a lot of Life goes on around the table…meaningful one to one conversations, group discussions, interviews, coaching, relationships developing, preparing & sharing food, eating, and more!…sharing love and inspiration. That’s why! Around the Table with Karen covers all this…join me soon.


With love


Karen Kennaby

Karen Kennaby studied catering professionally a long time ago! She went on to be deputy manager of a prestigious and busy 4* hotel by the age of 21, she subsequently formed a highly successful conference and event management company that was in her hands for 21 years. She is a passionate and innovative cook specialising in low carb food, entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter and grandmother. She loves life in general and anything to do with food in particular! She has a relaxed, warm, informative style which comes across well in person and in the media. She has been featured in various publications over the years including Grazia, Woman & Home, The Independent & The Director