Karen is an exceptional event host, coach, mentor, speaker and presenter working with women around the globe. But that doesn’t really get to the heart of who Karen really is.

Recently she wrote of herself: “I am a travelling woman – I live in different places at different times… geographically and emotionally. I’m a hummingbird searching for the sweetness, the joy, in every situation and that’s what I help others to do too. I’m not academic but I love absorbing by osmosis – personally, spiritually – I am thrilled by Life, I am awed by the privilege of living it, I am joyful to be, I am a sunbeam – I exude that joy, that love”

“My reason for everything I do is to help reduce stress and increase joy in the lives of every woman I come in contact with. That is why I do what I do.

There is a little phrase I like to use about what I do through my powerful blend of coaching and mentoring around lifestyle, mindset and nutrition – I take women by the hand and let them fall (back) in love with themselves. Many of the women I work with are feeling lonely and disconnected, many have body image or weight issues, many are ex pats away from friends, family and familiar surroundings, a lot are entrepreneurs some are in corporate management. I specialise in helping women change their view of themselves, gaining confidence in whatever area is lacking – their body, their work, their relationships in other words their life – help them to enjoy this wonderful gift of life that we are all given – to relax into it.

I introduce connection and love at a deep level. Inspiring, Joyful, Empowering.”

Karen Kennaby, “the foodie”…

I love food! In fact I’ve loved food for as long as I can remember. I went to college when I left school to study hotel & catering management and about 70% of our time was focussed on food prep & cooking – learning some of the classics they mention on Masterchef!

I hadn’t cooked professionally for years because I went into hotel management and then set up a conference agency but I’ve retained that love of food – of experimenting, of presenting beautiful food lovingly prepared.

These days my focus is very much on delicious, beautiful and healthy food. For over 10 years I’ve chosen a real food, moderately low carb diet and maintained my weight all that time – plus no tummy aches, no bloating etc – I love that too!

I combined my training in, and love of, food with the knowledge I’d learnt about how to effectively lose weight and get rid of IBS with training in how to use more of our mind to achieve whatever we want… a winning combination.

So, I decided to start sharing that and hence Around the Table with Karen. Its about food…and life, because I believe the two are inexorably linked – Joyful Eating, Joyful Living! When you discover the foods and way of eating that work for you you can relax – no more confusion and no more angst – and this spills into all areas of your life.

And why Around the Table with Karen? I believe a lot of Life goes on around the table…meaningful one to one conversations, group discussions, interviews, coaching, relationships developing, preparing & sharing food, eating, and more!…sharing love and inspiration. That’s why!

But it’s become so much more over the years since founding Around the Table with Karen so I ditched the “Around the Table with Karen” tag and am simply me…Karen Kennaby. I love food – yes – but travel too and love, connection, meaning, inspiration, life… I’ve become a coach, mentor, writer, presenter, host and I work increasingly with expat women as I travel the world.

Karen Kennaby, “the travelling woman”

I never dreamt that my love of travel would transpire into actually living abroad! But that is what has happened. My husband is American and when we met in 2007 (and married in 2008) he was working in Denver, Colorado. So I started my new way of life… to’ing and fro’ing between Denver and the UK. Then it was San Francisco – where we lived in beautiful Sausalito across the Bay and with easy access to Napa and Sonoma…so tempting at weekends! And bingo…I had become an expat wife. I couldn’t work as we didn’t want to get me a Green Card as the intention was to move to the UK. So I suppose I was technically a “trailing spouse” although at that time I didn’t even know the phrase. John worked and during the days I filled my time but I sometimes missed my family and friends, found myself doing things for the sake of it, and the time difference was challenging especially in San Francisco. I experienced some of the classic culture shocks and realised the meaning of “2 nations divided by a common language” as misunderstandings crept in – amusing at first and then frustrating. Luckily I had learned “tools” that meant I could shrug off these feelings and enjoy my life, but it took practice.

Fast forward to now and we’ve lived in the US, UK, France and now I’m spending much of my time in Doha, Qatar. In addition to my coaching we’ve become pretty much full time global housesitters… again having to create a “home” wherever we are.

I know, because I’ve done it, what it takes to go from trailing and lonely to thriving and joyful and I find it deeply rewarding to help others make that massive shift – as others had helped me.

With love


Karen Kennaby

Karen Kennaby studied catering professionally a long time ago! She went on to be deputy manager of a prestigious and busy 4* hotel by the age of 21, she subsequently formed a highly successful conference and event management company that was in her hands for 21 years. She is a passionate and innovative cook specialising in low carb food, entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter and grandmother. She loves life in general and anything to do with food and travel in particular! She has a relaxed, warm, informative style which comes across well in person and in the media. She has been featured in various publications over the years including Grazia, Woman & Home, The Independent & The Director