The Red Carpet Body Lady


I just wanted to say thank you.  For everything.  I really can’t put into words my gratitude for all that you have done for me these past 5 months. You have taught me to love myself, not how I think I should be or how someone else thinks I should be but exactly the way I am.  This was not an easy task…. but you did it.  Although the speed of my life and the mountain of my commitments only seems to increase and grow, with your tools I am able to handle it with more grace and patience than I ever thought possible.  You have become a symbol of comfort and centering for me.  When I see your Daily Kiss or receive an e-mail it just makes me smile and reminds me that everything will be ok.  When I see your name it reminds me of all that I have become and all that I am yet to be and that my potential is truly limitless.  I realize my journey is different than everyone else’s but I am okay with that.  Rome was not built in a day and neither am i.  I have faith that I will finish strong and never go back!  I have come to far, wanted this for to long and feel to amazing to fail.  I had no idea what this journey would entail when we started and that was a new for me.  Thank you Karen for teaching me to love myself more than I ever thought possible. A gift I can never repay you for.
Love Always,
Allison, 21st January 2014


Dear Karen, 
This is a quick email at the end of my 6 weeks working with you to say a huge thank you for what you have helped me achieve. It sounds very corny but you really have changed my life. Apart from losing about a stone and looking better, I feel so much better. I feel more confident, more assertive and a great deal happier. From our 1st conversation I found you easy to talk to and so encouraging. It was also fun which I can’t quite believe I am saying- but even though there were some lows you were great at talking me up and out of them. I am very glad that we will continue to touch base every now and then but you have given me the confidence to continue on this path.
Thank you Karen.

Jane Young, 2nd June 2013. Red Carpet Body private coaching client


…and yesterday I got my first client for my workshop .. yes it is out there and circulated. WOW is all I can say! Vicky


“It was my birthday yesterday so its been one year since we met and you transformed my life!

I am still being a good girl and enjoying my diet and the results – so thank you.”

KB, VIP Day Client. September 2013

“Wow, I’d just like to say first off I’m really enjoying my diet! Never heard anyone say that before & I’m saying it lol! Having our talks each week and having my affirmations around the house really help me a lot – I feel 100% supported on my journey. I’m waking up with a smile on my face every day! I feel fantastic – waking up and feeling lighter each day.

A great thing as well is James & Taz (partner and son) really support me, also each stone I lose they write me a note for my diary telling me how great I’m doing! this gives me such a boost. 

I really can’t wait for my Red Carpet Body.”

Kerry, current Red Carpet Body coaching client, has so far lost 25lbs in 4 weeks and is ahead of her target.

September 15th 2013

Kayleigh Ansell-Shaw – Assoc CIPD (from LinkedIn)

Director – Talent Solutions

Karen is an extremely inspirational lady. Not only caring, non judgemental and honest but extremely knowledgable. In the brief time I’ve known Karen I have been suitably impressed, I would have no hesitation recommending her to friends and family or even my client base.

You just have to look at Karen to feel inspired, this lady has an infectious personality and thinking about her makes me feel more positive.

Get in touch, you wont regret it!!

August 16, 2013, Kayleigh was Karen’s client


Kim Bailes VIP day 4The mix of cooking with innovative recipes, simple and beautiful to look at, that tasted wonderful. Liked being re-educated on healthy diet do’s and don’ts by Karen too.

Would definitely recommend. The day exceeded my expectations (10/10)

Kim Bailes, recent VIP Day client




Karen is the most inspiring and loving person I know. She is so positive and sees the possibilities for me when I can’t see them myself. She has encouraged me to always speak in the positive, finding solutions to difficult problems in life. She encourages me to not ignore the difficulties but lovingly supports me to find positive solutions. She is a fun energetic woman that inspires me and leads me when I lose my way. Life presents opportunities for growth and Karen can see the solutions that are conceived out of a loving caring place. She has added an element of fun to my life and I smile when I think of her.

Barbara Hochstetler Fentress, Denver Colorado


I first met Karen two years ago through a family member. From the first time I met her I felt a connection. Her honesty and passion for life is all too rare.

In my life I am always aspiring to be better. I always want a better job, better house, better things! Karen made me realise that if I want something I can get it. Since meeting her I have signed up to a course that I had been toting with joining for years, begun considering career choices and been looking into new places to live.

I admire and respect Karen, and love having her support whether in person or spirit. To sum it up, if I needed 3 words to describe her I’d say: positive, uplifting, genuine.

Kerry Scott, Birmingham England


Karen is a very spiritual and connected woman. She creates a loving space for people to experience their own spiritual connection, and let the insights drop in to move them forward in their own lives.

When Karen and I spend time together, there is a magical energy present which helps me understand with crystal clear clarity, what I need to do next.

Nicky Davies, Hawaii 


Karen genuinely wants everyone to have a fulfilling life – you just know from the minute you meet her that this is someone very special and life is about to change for the better.


Maggie Lawrie

England & The Caribbean and


Karen is a dynamic and passionate woman with an amazing awareness who literally creates magic in everything she does and in the lives of those around her. In her work with individuals and groups she has a wonderful ability to spot where you can instantaneously transform the way you are thinking and behaving, to challenge your belief systems and to get right to the heart of the matter, so you come away smiling from your head to your toes.

A beautiful shining soul she radiates more love and joy for life than anyone I know, and her life reflects all that she teaches. This girl walks her talk magnificently, and any opportunity to spend time with her should be grabbed.

Susie Heath, Berkhamsted England, author of …

“The Essence of Womanhood – re-awakening the authentic feminine”


“There’s a light coming from Karen which has helped me create so much magic in my life – its just incredible”


“Karen’s coaching is equally effective for men, especially stubborn ones in their 40′s and 50′s like me, who used to be fit or a moderately athletic build, but had put on lots of weight and become soft due to becoming too sedentary, less active, and liking to eat and drink the wrong things to excess. Sound familiar, guys?

Karen’s intuitive coaching, feedback, & personal approach tailored specifically to my circumstances, mindsets (which she has changed for the better!), lifestyle, and habits has enabled me to gradually lose 25 pounds over the past few months and to achieve and maintain my ideal weight. I could have lost that weight in a fraction of the time, but I was only following about 80% of her programme and continued to eat a fair amount of carbs and sugar in my diet, even though I knew it was not good for me (stubborn male ego & mindset). I had dropped about 15 pounds fairly easily by improving my mindsets, eating healthy meals, and making better food choices at restaurants and when shopping. However, I plateaued and couldn’t lose that final 10 pounds until I embraced 95% of Karen’s programme. Once I added cutting back on snacking, carbs & sugar (not entirely, but substantially, and substituting fruit when I had those cravings), and starting my day with citrus or protein, the extra pounds started coming off and staying off, plus I look & feel so much better, and have more energy to exercise more regularly, and mentally, I’m clearer, and am much more in tune with my body and listen to the feedback it gives me with what I consume.

Karen knows exactly what works for each individual, and the more you embrace what she prescribes for you, the faster you will see the results you want. More importantly, you will learn and know the right choices to make, and you know instantly when you start to get off course (you will feel it in your body, mind, and energy levels……even if that dessert or bread tasted good in the moment, you feel sluggish and bloated for the 24 hours and your weight will go back up… you get instant bio-feedback and learn you can’t cheat yourself). I am now easily maintaining a weight of 150 lbs. and am ramping up my distance running, which I haven’t done since 2007 when I was in great shape & used to run marathons. Gents, this lady can get you back into shape in short order (& give you the tools to stay in shape effortlessly) when other diets and supplements haven’t done the trick – trust me, I tried them!”

JD August 2013