Are you a woman striving for greater success – who’s at odds with her image?  


These days life is very visual!  In order to get on in business, and indeed socially, we need to be seen.

Yet in many situations … women are scared of being visible and prefer to hide away because they don’t feel good about their size, shape or image. They are frightened to have photos taken or videos made, and are terrified of standing up and speaking. Sadly this is hiding their incredible talents and sabotaging their long term success.

At a recent conference for “Citymothers” network. Alison Davis, Non Executive Director, of RBS, stated “80% of success is about being seen, rather than what goes on behind the scenes”.

I know this from the women I work with who have a message or a purpose that needs to be “out there” in the world.  However, they often don’t feel great about the way they look and prefer to ‘hide away’, believing that they need to work longer and harder and sacrifice more of their personal lives in order to get on

SO…. as this is something I am totally fired up about changing I have launched a brand new …


For 14 years now I have had a very clear knowing that my role in life is all about helping people –especially women – to experience more confidence, abundance and joy in their lives.

And this programme shows women exactly how to go from feeling unattractive and wanting to hide away to feeling fabulous ready to SHINE and share their message.

Changes, Challenges and Choices…

These 3 big Cs are present in all our lives and how we handle them determines the quality of our life.

Sometimes we need to make changes to take life to another level and they can be big or small but one thing is for sure “if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got”. Most of my clients have an issue with how they look. It’s holding them back from doing what they know in their heart of hearts they need or want to do. The majority of my clients have yo yo dieted some since childhood, we change that together.  Change is often scary but my approach is loving and supportive.

Challenges arise constantly and in fact many of us have renamed “problems” as challenges! We need challenges to keep us on our toes, to keep us focussed, to up level and develop but we need them to be relevant and for them to lead to a result that is worthwhile.

And choices. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day…every choice affects the quality of our lives. Currently I’ve chosen to live in France for 2 months and that has a direct impact on the quality of my life and on my ability to better serve my clients. Is it time for you to make a choice and once and for all to change your attitude to food, eating and your body? To choose to be seen authentically and really support those you are here to serve? To start to enjoy greater visibility?


Like Allison:

I just wanted to say thank you.  For everything.  I really can’t put into words my gratitude for all that you have done for me these past 5 months. You have taught me to love myself, not how I think I should be or how someone else thinks I should be but exactly the way I am.  This was not an easy task…. but you did it.  Although the speed of my life and the mountain of my commitments only seems to increase and grow, with your tools I am able to handle it with more grace and patience than I ever thought possible.  You have become a symbol of comfort and centering for me.  When I see your Daily Kiss or receive an e-mail it just makes me smile and reminds me that everything will be ok.  When I see your name it reminds me of all that I have become and all that I am yet to be and that my potential is truly limitless.  I realize my journey is different than everyone else’s but I am okay with that.  Rome was not built in a day and neither am I.  I have faith that I will finish strong and never go back!  I have come too far, wanted this for too long and feel to amazing to fail.  I had no idea what this journey would entail when we started and that was a new for me.  Thank you Karen for teaching me to love myself more than I ever thought possible. A gift I can never repay you for.
Love always, Allison


Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it – Maya Angelou

My own “story” is that I grew up in a loving family. I have always been short and my mother would caution me to watch what I ate so I didn’t become a little round dumpling like my Grandma I never felt particularly great about my body,  I thought I was too short, dumpy and top heavy…which was unkindly re-enforced by my first husband.

karen-kennaby-red-carpet-bodyIt wasn’t until 10 years ago when I was 14lbs over weight (a lot at 5’0”) and suffering badly with IBS that I started studying to find out how to really clear this – as I realised at this point that I’d been suffering since I was about 16. So, adding to my original training as a chef I experimented with different ways of eating and thousands of £s on learning how the mind works and how we can use this amazing tool to achieve what we want. Within a matter of weeks I had achieved my ideal weight and got rid of the IBS symptoms – the power of this is that I have maintained that weight and remained free of symptoms. I still love food and I love my body, I feel beautiful and sexy and guess what -things also improved in terms of my overall life satisfaction.

And now as a result of our work together my clients feel gorgeous, confident and attractive. They experience more success and happiness in all areas of their life – business/work, relationships, family…. And by attractive I mean it literally – attracting the right people into their life…ideal partners, friends, clients, team members, associates.

My brand Red Carpet Body is not just about wearing a pretty frock and having your photo taken (although that’s fun and part of it…). It’s about coming out of the shadows and being comfortable about being seen for who you are, about loving your body and yourself, and it’s about being confident to share your unique message.

The tangible benefits for my clients include:

  • Experiencing more joy and excitement in all areas of their lives;
  • Loving who and what they see in the mirror, and are comfortable to stand naked in front of a special other without embarrassment and fear of judgement;
  • Being happy speaking publicly and on video so…
  • they can attract and inspire their ideal clients, the people who need them;
  • Making more money
  • Having the energy, vitality and health to enjoy a life they love
  • Looking, feeling and being the woman they always dreamed they could be


Like Jane:

Hi Karen
Just a quick email at the end of my time working with you to say a huge thank you for what you have helped me achieve. It sounds very corny but you really have changed my life. Apart from losing about a stone and looking better, I feel so much better. I feel more confident, more assertive and a great deal happier. From our 1st conversation I found you easy to talk to and so encouraging. It was also fun which I can’t quite believe I am saying… you have given me the confidence to continue on this path. Jane 


Is this programme for you?  Let me ask you a few questions:

  are you a successful woman or a woman striving for greater success – a business woman, professional or homemaker – who is at odds with her body?

  have you yo-yo dieted for years and you are frustrated and despondent and can’t face another diet but you want to get your weight under control once and for all?

  do you want to lose from 10lbs to 100lbs?

  do you want to feel happier, have more energy, look and feel great, enjoy shopping for clothes, look great on the stage and in photos, love looking in the mirror inspire others… and more?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then my new programme is exactly what you need.

So, what does this programme look like?

This is a one to one coaching programme tailored to your unique situation. Once we have talked about where you are at, your challenges, and what you are looking to achieve then I will know exactly how to structure our time together so that you get the very best results effectively and enjoyably. We will certainly be encompassing the following areas and topics to a greater or lesser extent depending on your individual needs:

We’ll create a powerful vision unique to you…

Together we will work on a powerful personal vision that really will work for you. Not someone else’s version of what you “should” be, do or have but a unique way of being in this world that truly inspires you and drives you at a deep level

time for a rethinkWe’ll change your mind! Well, more precisely your mindset…

We’ll work on what’s blocked you in the past, we’ll address those emotions that are holding you back, and we’ll “re-wire” you for lasting and sustainable success this time. I’ll teach you to love yourself, and then you can share the love.

What’s your purpose got to do with it?

I believe that being clear about your purpose and your mission is vital. We’ll introduce new practices that will give you clarity, insight and empowerment – these may include meditation, yoga, mindfulness techniques. The world needs your message and there are people waiting for you to be ready to share it.


Like Vicky who was holding back from putting on a workshop she knew was valuable to her market because she didn’t feel she looked “right” –

.. and yesterday I got my first client for my workshop .. yes it is out there and circulated. WOW is all I can say.”


Understanding food groups 101

There is so much confusion around food – we’ll get that sorted and straight so you know your proteins from your carbs, your healthy fats from the unhealthy, where to buy, what to buy, so you can ignore the screaming headlines once and for all!

What way of eating is right for you?

This is individual. Yes, there are certain things which are generically “good” for you or “bad” for you but beyond that it is an individual thing. Most “diets” have some merits, and some downsides. We’ll work together to ensure the right way of eating for you…food you enjoy and that your body enjoys. Food that gives you energy and has you thriving inside and out.


Like Kim

“So I cannot thank you enough for the journey I have embarked upon and will continue to travel. I can now get comfortably into my clothes that I have not worn in over a year. My goal is to get back into my Armani pin-striped suit…. The jacket now fits just have to work on the trousers!”


Lifestyle & self care

In order to be of value to others then you HAVE to take care of yourself first. Giving yourself permission is the first step. We’ll make sure you have a perfect balance.

Planning your meals to suit your tastes, commitments and lifestyle

Planning is a challenge for many of my clients when they start and getting “caught out” as far as eating is concerned is a common theme. We look at your tastes, your commitments and your lifestyle and make it effortless to eat according to the best way for you.

Exercise – what, when and why

When I asked one of my mentors what the best form of exercise is he said “the one you will do, consistently”. With years of experience I know which form of exercise work best in different situations, and when to do it so we’ll work out a plan for you too.

How to shop effortlessly

Food shopping doesn’t need to be a time consuming chore. I have some brilliant tips and tools for making it effortless.

Eating out and about

The fear around eating out is often palpable with my clients… fear of not being able to control what they eat. This is an area we cover in some detail along with eating at networking events, travelling, business lunches and so forth

breakthrough-body-transformationPersonal style 

Each of us has our own style and as we become more confident with how we look, who we are, what we are doing then this style can really evolve to support and further your “brand”

Making up – not so hard to do!

Simple make-up tricks to make the most of your features and a lesson from the professionals.

This entire programme, all one to one coaching with me, is flexible. It includes a 60 minute initial Skype call and  a total of 12 hours which can be divided up as we agree will best work for your situation, goals and lifestyle – it can be Fast Track with a VIP Intensive and follow up sessions OR regular scheduled calls for up to 6 months.  It includes access to my Joyful Eating Club with hundreds of recipes, access to other trainings and all documentation.


TEDx-WomenOptional extras: (no need to decide about these now)

Stage presence – learn how to “own” the stage and have the audience eating out of your hand! This session is from an absolute master in the business.

Getting the camera to love you – the techniques for still photography and video are different. We’ll teach you – with the aid of highly respected professionals in their field who you will probably have heard of – how to get the most from each medium. Bear in mind that these are some of the most powerful ways to communicate with your audience.

Shopping for clothes – spend time with our personal stylist choosing a new wardrobe for your new found style and confidence.


If this all sounds as if it could be exactly what you need then click here to grab your space now and we can schedule your first session. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW!

If you would like to set up a time to talk so we can see if it is right for you please mail me with your name, number and whether daytime or evening are best for you.

There are some super bonuses too!

  • A “Get You Started” kit, which you’ll love! (value £75)
  • Plus recordings of all my interviews from “Healthy Eating & Beyond” 21 speakers, a huge amount of valuable information (Value  £97)
  • Plus membership of my Joyful Eating Club for 6 months (£367)
  • Plus 3 of my most popular videos “Finally Losing It” (Priceless)
  • Plus my weekday daily text “Today’s KISS from Karen” (KISS = Keep It Simple Sweetheart) (only available to private clients, Priceless)
  • Plus a special bonus!  (A surprise!))

Those who have the most success in life tend to make decisions quickly. If this all resonates with you then let’s do it! Let’s get you falling in love with you!


Click here to email me to set up a Discovery Session to find out if this is for you –

With much love,

Karen xx

P.S. I help my clients come out of the shadows and shine – proudly standing in the spotlight… as a beautiful, joyful, empowered woman – is it your time?


Karen is an extremely inspirational lady. Not only caring, non judgemental and honest but extremely knowledgeable. In the brief time I’ve known Karen I have been suitably impressed, I would have no hesitation recommending her to friends and family or even my client base.
You just have to look at Karen to feel inspired, this lady has an infectious personality and thinking about her makes me feel more positive. Get in touch, you won’t regret it!!”

Kayleigh Ansell-Shaw, The Talentum Partnership

  Click here to email me to set up a Discovery Session to find out if this is for you –

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