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* Are you struggling to enjoy your expat lifestyle?
* Do you often feel lonely, missing your friends and family?
* Does being an expat stop you living and enjoying life the way you really want to?
* Do you often feel you are suffering in silence?
* Do you wish you felt a greater sense of joy, connection and purpose in   your life?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re definitely in the right place

Perhaps you feel torn; you know in many ways you are leading a charmed life, others seeing your lifestyle as very ‘glamorous’, perhaps with housing and schooling paid for your family, free flights home and the chance to experience life in an exotic location.

I know how difficult it can be to live life as an expat spouse, and whilst the initial arrival in a new country and the start of a new way of life can feel exciting, this can quickly give way to feeling lonely, bored and lost.  You find yourself sometimes resenting being a “kept” woman, and this increasingly lonely lifestyle as the “expat wife” or “trailing spouse”, far from all you know and love is leaving you feeling increasingly lonely, disconnected, out of control, unfulfilled and unhappy.

You put on a brave face for those around you, but all the travelling around, being away from family and friends causes you stress and sadness and is putting a strain on your relationship with your spouse, your family and your sense of well-being and general health.

When loneliness and boredom creep in it’s easy to comfort yourself and try to fill the gaps by comforting yourself with food and drink, leaving you feeling increasingly guilty and unhappy with the way we feel about yourself and your body.lonely woman with pics & wine fdp

Perhaps your sense of purpose and achievement has been slipping away, you struggle to feel truly connected to the people around you, and to life in general.  Your closest relationships begin to suffer as they seem unable to understand what you are going through; how could you possibly be anything but ‘over the moon’ with such a wonderful expat lifestyle laid out before you?

You used to have a close friend “here” but they went… they always do.

The truth is, we feel a sense of emptiness and loss, a loss of connection with the familiar, with our purpose and what we should be doing with our time, how to feel genuinely happy, and most critical of all, a loss of self-identity in this unfamiliar life.  Your confidence, sense of self-worth and ability to feel genuine happiness and joy has been slowly eroded.

My biggest passion is to help expat women bring back a deep sense of joy and happiness in to their life, and re-establish a sense of connection and feeling good about themselves again and improving their relationships on all levels; with food, self, spouse, others, and be able to build authentic new relationships with greater ease.  In essence, to start living a more fulfilling life.

happy and content woman fdpAs a result of our work together:

  • You experience joy, happiness and a deeper sense of connection in your day to day life
  • Your relationship with your spouse and family is the best it has ever been
  • You feel happier in yourself, and have a deep sense of self-worth
  • You feel you have found your identify again and feel confident about your body
  • You have a clear vision for your life ahead and a deeper sense of purpose that make you feel alive and full of joy
  • You feel both calm and energised, and full of vitality
  • You feel valued, happy and healthy able to achieve the things you wants in life

some recent words of appreciation…

I just wanted to say thank you.  For everything.  I really can’t put into words my gratitude for all that you have done for me these past 5 months. You have taught me to love myself, not how I think I should be or how someone else thinks I should be but exactly the way I am.  This was not an easy task…. but you did it.  Although the speed of my life and the mountain of my commitments only seems to increase and grow, with your tools I am able to handle it with more grace and patience than I ever thought possible.  You have become a symbol of comfort and centering for me.  When I see your Daily Kiss or receive an e-mail it just makes me smile and reminds me that everything will be ok.  When I see your name it reminds me of all that I have become and all that I am yet to be and that my potential is truly limitless.  I realize my journey is different than everyone else’s but I am okay with that.  Rome was not built in a day and neither am i.  I have faith that I will finish strong and never go back!  I have come to far, wanted this for to long and feel to amazing to fail.  I had no idea what this journey would entail when we started and that was a new for me.  Thank you Karen for teaching me to love myself more than I ever thought possible. A gift I can never repay you for.
Love Always,

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  • Create a sense of clarity about the sort of connection and relationships you want to have in your life
  • Find out the essential steps for avoiding loneliness and bringing a deeper sense of connection and well-being in to your life
  • Discover the #1 thing preventing you from experiencing the happiness you crave in your current lifestyle
  • Identify the most powerful actions you can take to stop feeling lonely and move towards a deeper sense of fulfilment and joy
  • Understand how coaching might be able to support you in creating the lifestyle and relationships you truly desire

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with love



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