I absolutely LOVE working one to one with senior level women (it’s a real “sweet spot” for me) – we discover the real issues and effect change FAST and it leads to everything coming together like never before. Clarity, confidence, joy, success…you name it.

If you would like to explore this, and see if it is for you, then email me – karen@karenkennaby.com – and let’s set up a time to have a chat over coffee (live or on Skype) and see how we can work together

with love

Karen xx

Karen Kennaby is a transformational women’s coach working primarily with managerial and executive level women, and also some successful entrepreneurs. Her unique combination of coaching and mentoring together with a background in corporate and 30 years as an entrepreneur gives her clients the opportunity for rapid transformation, massive breakthrough and lasting clarity confidence and real connection. Working globally Karen has clients in all corners of the world especially in the UK, US and Middle East. Karen is passionate about discovering and connecting women around the world and is co-founder of a new global movement being launched in 2016. She is available for coaching programmes, speaking engagements and media.